Music & Sound Design for film, television, games, and beyond.

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Music and sound are our earliest memories, and often our deepest connections. The sounds of our mothers’ heartbeats are the first things we perceive outside of ourselves. Before our eyes can even see clearly we are spoken to, sung to, and entranced by the sounds of the world. Music and sound, thus, are integral to telling stories that resonate with our humanity. Headphone Cinema is rooted in this belief in the primal importance of audio.

From the howls of beasts in the darkness to the crackle of the fire that keeps them at bay. From an enchanting birdsong we strive to emulate with a whistle to the grandeur of a vintage symphony. From the crash and thunder of rock ‘n’ roll to the cool ease of chilled out beats. Headphone Cinema is solely focused on providing the right sonic textures to ensure your story is one that is remembered viscerally.

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Tell us about your project. Let us know the kinds of music or sounds you hear when you describe your vision and we will bring those to life.

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Andrew Trent has been writing music across numerous genres for over 40 years. A bassist to the bone, Andrew has his ears locked on the intersection of rhythm, melody, and harmony. From his earliest experiments with Will Harvey’s venerable Music Construction Set through forays into scoring student films at the University of Texas to numerous rock ‘n’ roll shows large and small, Andrew has always been entranced by the power of music.

Now a student of Digital Composition in the Music Business, Performance, and Technology Program at Austin Community College, Andrew is continuing his musical journey. Focused on composing soundtracks as well as designing sound for media using an array of modern software and vintage equipment, Andrew is drawing on all of his influences and experiences to deliver music that speaks to the listener’s humanity.